Corona and the New Hope

So it only took a month for everything to change completely. The novel Coronavirus arrived in stealth and delivered a nasty kidney shot when nobody expected it. It has already rearranged priorities worldwide, not just in politics but in our everyday lives. Not all of these changes will be bad though. The virus clearly doesn’t care whether I am European or American, and will not turn back on the borders if it didn’t bring a passport this time.

Intensive care unit in Bergamo, Italy on March 15. 2020

Not sure how the situation is in America, but here in Hungary, I left my window open the other day, and what I heard made me feel extremely nostalgic. I heard kids laughing and playing on the playfield. Every time I do my grocery run ( it’s right at the door of my flat ) for my girlfriend, I see people sitting on benches and talking. But not just a few people, a dozen or more each time. And not just the young, I see more old folks walking dogs than ever before.

Not that this behaviour is advised, the quarantine is a must and should be respected. But it sure seems like that the cyberspace and our phones will rank down in our lives, even after we beat this crisis. The sudden command that we should stay home made us finally appreciate the freedom that was suddenly taken away from us. Now everyone wants to go out on the fresh air like never before.

The amount of air pollution is way lower than last year, which will probably come up later in politics too. This proves that we could still do to protect the environment. It is not too late, and it wouldn’t be in vain.

It is hard to imagine a world where I can’t always buy bananas at midnight if I feel like it, but it might help local people to still do what they want and have a market for it in place too. The global supply chain will be forever altered when this is all over.

The constant pressure to work harder and faster will probably slow down too. The debt pressure is pressing against the landlords, who are threatening the tenants for the rent, who are without jobs to pay. Meanwhile, people in the know sell stocks and try to pile up even more money, preparing for a doomsday event. These events all highlight the inhumane nature of our society’s obsession with money and profit.

In the end, maybe this might prove to be the chain reaction that questions the ethics and moralities of Capitalism in general.

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Chinese officials disinfecting the area.

The news is full of the Coronavirus. It causes symptoms similar to the flu, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath. Usually it should not cause major problems, as I’ve been reading up on the mortality rates and they really aren’t that high, being deadly mostly in immunosuppressed or generally weak patients.

The reason for worry is that this strain is highly contagious. Transmission is mostly on a person-to-person basis, through respiratory droplets produced during coughing or sneezing. It doesn’t take much fantasy to imagine a strain that spreads this fast but also is more deadly. It could wreak havoc and kill millions of people worldwide. The original outbreak was in China. It’s only been a few weeks and we already have registered cases in Italy. The speed of the spread is insane.

It is simply bigger than us, and this is the source of the fear and angst surrounding the topic. We don’t even have treatment or drugs for it, what currently is available is nothing but cough relievers and other drugs treating the symptoms, not the disease itself.

This doesn’t stop our politicians to react in hilarious ways. Every country is a different flavor, I’ll just mention a few that I found highly amusing during the last couple of days.


It is a common thing here to greet women with a kiss, or to kiss monuments in churches after praying. Using the holy water to get the Holy Communion can now be done with a spoon brought from home. Not anymore though, according to this news site, these things are now not recommended, and I am convinced that people actually believe that his will help fighting the virus too.


The virus is big, but immigration is bigger, says Orbán. Somehow he feels obliged to mention the refugees in some form in the last 5 years, the funny part is how he tries to set priorities for the reader himself. His strategy is basically to make the virus look small compared to our “much greater” problems.

See? No biggie.


It’s just a hoax folks.

The corona is fake news, according to Trump. This might be the funniest and the saddest opinion at the same time. Although it is true that there can not be done much other than setting up quarantines for the sick, the topic would deserve a bit more honesty and attention.

Making the virus a political topic, he alienates his voters and it could also cause greater problems later on if these people would not be cooperating with authorities if they do get infected later on.


Yesterday the debate was a disaster. This was written and said by many and all who watched it, the candidates kept cross-talking and flaming each other, and most of the times I wasn’t able to understand what was happening.

Just to highlight a few of the most awkward moments, Bloomberg tried to smear some communism into Sanders’ face by stating that the Russians want him to be the candidate, because Trump can surely beat him, and all they secretly want is Trump to be reelected. This definitely was the cheapest moment of the night, but there were also a few other lows worth mentioning.

“And I’ll tell you what else we’re going to do, we’re going to provide help to the African-American, Latino, Native American community to start businesses to sell legal marijuana rather than let a few corporations control the legalized marijuana market,” Sanders said.

I think this should have been the focus of the debate, but the candidates seemed to miss the opportunity. It was funny to watch as everyone arrived with the intention to try and attack Sanders by proving he’s a communist, and alienate the voters from him, and then this opportunity presents itself and none of them actually jump on it.

I mean, he literally noticed only mid-sentence that he just said “Yeah you guys will be able to sell weed legally now not just on the streets!”, and then added the part about big companies. I mean come on, none of the candidates were paying enough attention to say “Did you just say that only black and hispanic people are selling weed illegally?”

Apart from this, Biden was struggling for attention complaining that he gets shut down while the other candidates kept talking way beyond the time limit. At times they even did some heavy cross-talking, making it hard for everyone to understand what they were trying to say.

Warren proved that she would not be decisive enough when it comes to foreign policy. The moderator kept asking her whether she would make Tel-Aviv the new-old location for the American embassy in Israel, and she kept saying that it’s not their choice to make. Excuse me? Whose is it then, if not your administrations, Madam?

I had such high hopes before the debate, but it turned out to be disappointing. And one of these people might soon be responsible for US foreign policy, which might actually be scarier than the present situation here in Europe.

Hello World !

So this being my first blog post ever, I am not yet sure what I want to write about, but this definitely is the beginning of it.

My hobby is reading about political and economic news, and since I am from Hungary, I obviously start with the Hungarian viewpoint, whatever happens in the world. While I am not yet sure how curious people are and how often they want to hear how we see the world, I will give a shot and see how it works out with this blog.

My basic idea right now is that I will try and interpret certain events that seem to be interesting for me personally, and then place that in the context of Hungary, and then also look at the bigger scopes as the Hungarian viewpoint fits into that, e.g. Europe, World and so on.

I guess since I am asking for your time it would be appropriate to say a few words about myself as well. I am originally from Debrecen and I traveled a lot during my life, started and finished high school in Germany, then I worked in our family business for a few years, and after that I started Med school in Oradea, Romania, and I still have 1 year left from it.

So that’s it, this should be enough for a good start. Here’s a picture about the parliament, just so you can see how mesmerizing Budapest can get if you know where to look: